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Phone Sheriff


ADVANTAGES:  The activity log is explicit, easy to use and understand, and, what is very important, you can receive it straight away, it will be sent to your personal e-mail address or to any another e-mail address you indicate.

DISADVANTAGES: Sheriff app cannot function invisibly, no matter on what target devices you prefer to install it on.

CONCLUSION: This intuitive app will give you a helping hand in keeping the activity log under observation without missing any detail.

Phone Sheriff is an impressive and multipurpose activity log tracking app, that you can install on your child’s device in order to be aware of each and every detail of your offspring’s device activity.

This great app provides you with a great variety of different options, for instance, you can turn on notifications, impose restrictions on when and how your child should use his or her device and keep an eye on your kid’s virtual life. Phone Sheriff software is considered to be one of the most multitalented, advantageous, reliable and user-friendly.

This app is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows users. The app is very flexible, that means, that you are free to use any device you want in order to monitor another one, it does not matter if the device you use to monitor and the device you actually monitor are different or the same ones. In order to use Phone Sheriff you do not have to change your phone or to buy a new one for your child. You are also welcome to chose from diverse plan terms the one that coincides with your observation purposes and the one you consider to be appropriate, for instance, you can chose monthly, six-monthly or twelve-monthly term. We would like to pay your attention to the fact that according to the operating system and the model of the device you use the app takes a certain amount of memory, that is why you should make sure that there is a sufficient free place for storage both of the app itself and of the activity log.

 Observed And Recorded Data

As one of the most multipurpose activity log tracking app, phone sherrif can provide you with a wide spectrum of tracking options. In case you make up your mind to install this tracking app, you will be able to keep an eye on your child’s virtual communication, including both calls and phone messages, you will be always informed about apps your kid downloads, installs and uses, moreover with the help of this great tracking app even changes that your child makes in the device’s calendar will be available for you to look through. Phone sherriff  will expose the whole browser history to view or it also will indicate you child’s current location, that means you will always know, where exactly your kid is. Another obvious advantage of this tracking app is that it will allow you to observe any content that your child has deleted, concerning all the text messages and browser history. Even in cases your child has visited a site with incognito mode turned on, the app will still keep tracking and you will receive detailed information.

Restrictions And Notifications

Parallel with keeping an eye on your child’s device activity, phone sherriff will provide you with an option you will definitely like straight away! Using this tracking app you will be able to impose restrictions on the usage time of a certain device, that means that you will feel absolutely sure that your child does not use his or her device at school or at any other inappropriate time or place. The option of imposing restrictions will also allow you to block access to any website or application you consider to be inappropriate for you child.

You are free to turn on notifications, which you will receive immediately in case someone tries to  interfere the work of phone sherif, for instance, in case someone will try to delete software program and to install a new one or will try to use the phone with another SIM card. Moreover, you are free to turn on notifications for cases, when your child uses bad language or tries to visit blocked websites or to download blocked apps.

Functionality of Phonesherrif

This tracking app cannot function secretly on any device, it means that in case you make up your mind to use this app, it will be clear for your children that you are keeping an eye on them. The app functions astonishingly thoroughly, concerning both tracking and reporting. The data of tracking of the whole activity of a certain device is divided into diverse categories, that means, that you will get  detailed and very precise information. You will be able to observe not only the content of text messages or apps your child downloads and uses, but also you will know the time when exactly your child receives messages or uses apps. You are welcome to turn on notifications and you will be informed about all the mentioned above cases. Phone Sheriff Review results show that occasionally the app can function a little bit slowly in loading activity that was tracked on the target device, but as a rule activity reflects without any delay. Phone Sheriff Reviews results show how important remote access for these kinds of apps is, firstly, it gives you an opportunity to control the activity of a certain device without any physical access to it and, secondly, it will help you to find a lost device. It makes this spying app irreplaceable!

Help And Support

In case there is some information you would like to specify or in case there are any questions you have, feel free to get in touch with the support team, you are free to chose whether you write e-mail or contact the team in chat. Friendly support team members will do there best to help you! On the you are welcome to check out demo version. On the website a proper description of the app and Phone Sheriff Reviews is presented and available for everyone.


Phone Sheriff Review results shows, that this smart and multipurpose activity log tracking app makes the life of your child safe and the life of parents calm. On the you will also find a proper explanation why it is so important to keep an eye on your kid’s virtual life. This app will provide you with a great variety of functions such as activity tracking, notifications, setting of restrictions. Moreover, Phone Sheriff Review results shows, how that remote functions makes this app especially important! With the help of this app you can take care of your children, protect them and avoid any possible stress that may be caused by permanent worry about your children’s life.