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mSpy Review from a Real User


Smart mobile gadgets have definitely made a huge impact on the modern generations. Even though people of all ages perceive smartphones as a blessing, there are numerous hidden dangers. For example, if mishandled by your kid, a smartphone may get him/her into trouble.

Being an essential device at your workplace, a smartphone may become a convenient way for an employee to trade sensitive company info or just kill time. That’s why it is often beneficial to use spy software and monitor behavior of your employees and loved ones. Even though you may think that it is not ethical, this article will convince you to change the perspective.

We wrote this mSpycustomer review to explain its mechanism, provide an overview of numerous features, and clarify why we believe that this tried-and-tested spy software program is the best solution. We have recently utilized this software on Samsung and iPhone. It means that all the information regarding this software we got from our experience is credible. If you still doubt reliability of this article, pay attention to the comment section as answers provided there may give you important insights. Having said all that, let’s finally look through the article!

mSpyIntroduces New Features

  • ‘Non-jailbreak’ version – mSpyhas launched a new version for iDevices that does not require jailbreak. With this mSpyapp, there is no need to install software on the iPhone, iPad or iPod you’ve decided to spy on. However, you have to find out iCloud login information of your target person. mSpyhas introduced this spy software version without jailbreak in order to replace Phonesheriff Investigators because the manufacturer of the latest has withdrawn it from the web. More information about mSpywithout jailbreak is available further.
  • Key-logging – Last year, this feature was working only on Android devices, but now iPhone owners can also take advantage of it. By activating keylogger, you will see every single thing typed on the targeted cell phone. That’s how you’ll get access not only to emails and messages but also passwords and login information.
  • Keyword alerts– This element enables you to create a list of key words that you believe may have a negative impact on your career or personal life. So, when the user enters such words whenever browsing the Internet, talking to friends or writing emails, you will be instantly notified.
  • Line chat messenger– From now on, you can keep an eye on regular and hidden conversations your target person has.
  • Telegram– This brand new feature has been introduced for you to get access to all the contacts and chats on telegram.
  • Uninstall Alert– mSpyhas created this element in order to keep you posted about any problem that may arise when the app is uninstalled/deleted. Furthermore, you will be able to backup and arrange call/message logs, etc.

Check Out mSpy

Let’s have a closer look at the performance and quality of mSpy. Since the aforementioned factors are of utmost importance, it is vital to identify all the advanced features of the software. The app has earned a solid reputation and a high ranking on the mobile tracking software market. The cornerstone of success is a customer-oriented approach. Indeed, the app has become a smash hit within a relatively short time span.

Compatible Devices

mSpyis designed for major platforms, on which tablets and smart phones operate. Please note that before ordering any spy software, you have to make sure that it is compatible with the version of the operating system installed on the device.

  • iPhones and iPads (up to iOS version 9.0.2)
  • Android cell phones and tablets (up to 6.0)
  • HTC smart phones

The app works well with the platforms listed above. If you cannot figure out the OS on some device, find out the exact model of the gadget and search the Internet. Furthermore, you can visit the official website and check the detailed phone/table manufacturer’s information. Please note that sometimes it is not enough just to find out the current version of phone OS but rather monitor whether this version has been updated. In such a case, software updates may be required.

Bear in mind that when the operating system on your targeted phone is updated, the spy software is automatically uninstalled/removed. That’s why you should always keep your finger on the pulse of any possible updates.

mSpy: State-of-the-art Monitoring Features

The basic set of surveillance features includes tracking calls, short text messages, emails, browsing patterns, geo-location, etc. However, mSpyhas incorporated top-of-the-line elements to enhance basic features.

For instance, new/read/deleted conversations and emails will be accessible for you. Exactly! The app uploads the necessary data to a server, which you can access from your spy account. Even when the target person deletes some information, it will still be saved on the server and you will be able to review it any time from your control panel.

How to Obtain Advanced Features

If you are willing to benefit from professional features, you will have to perform rooting (Android) or jailbreaking (iPhone) procedures. Such actions are mandatory for everyone trying to access advanced spy components of this software.

What Are Your Monitoring Perspectives?

  • Check Instant Chats – You should never underestimate the importance of popular messengers, i.e. FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, Viber and Skype, as more and more conversations happen there. The spy app allows to flip through the chats and get the necessary data.
  • Call Blocking– Do you feel that certain contacts in the contact list of your child or employee may be harmful? Just block them! After that, incoming calls from such people will not go through. This element is of crucial importance for parents who are trying to prevent their children from dangerous communication.
  • Website Blocking – The number of websites is growing constantly, but this growth does not relate to their quality and appropriateness. Hence, web pages containing age inappropriate/objectionable content can be banned by using this spy feature.
  • Mobile App Blocking– Managing internet usage is not easy, but managing cell phone apps may be even more challenging. Fortunately, you can use this parental control feature to block some annoying apps, i.e. Beauty meter, and stay updated about any new apps/games installed on the phone you are going to track.
  • Keylogger– This revolutionary element works best with Android gadgets. By utilizing it, you will monitor emails, login data, messages and other things typed on the phone in question.

Control Panel Elements

The control panel gives you an opportunity to effectively manage the below-listed features.

  • Data Fetching Mode– When you enter your spy account, you can the switch data-fetching mode on. Make sure that your WiFi (or whichever Internet connection you are using) works properly. It is not recommended to use your mobile data plan for uploading reports since it may take longer; plus GPS reports will be sent later and you may miss some important information.
  • Additional Security Elements – Your online control panel allows operating the following elements: remote locking/unlocking, wiping phone details, changing SIM notifications, starting/deleting cell phone apps.

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More Bonuses

The manufacturer values its loyal customers and treats them to impeccable technical support. For example, you can take advantage of the premium support when carrying our rooting or jailbreaking, By helping you out to prepare Android and iOS devices for the spy app installation, the manufacturer ensures that the software will work properly and you will get outstanding monitoring results. However, this feature is available only for an extra fee. The price for the premium support feature is $29.99.

So, if you’re sure that technician help will be necessary, add this cost to your budget.

Even though some customers are trying to jailbreak/root devices and install the app on their own, they often search for technical help afterwards. For example, when the operating system is updated and they are looking for app updates. By paying a modest price, you buy yourself the peace of mind, as technical support is available round-the-clock. So, if something goes wrong with the software, you can immediately fix it.

One outstanding thing about mSpyis transparency. The manufacturer lists all the features you get when you buy this or that package. There are not hidden tricks, so you can easily choose the best package meeting your personal purposes.

mSpy without Jailbreak

Yes, it is possible to track an iGadget without the need to jailbreak it. If you feel uncomfortable jailbreaking a cell phone or you lack knowledge on how to do that, there is a safe option for you. Now you can spy on iDevices without accessing those, so there is no need of jailbreaking. It is definitely very convenient if you cannot physically access a given phone and grab it for a while to set a spy app up and running. This software allows you to monitor an iPhone without even touching it. How is it possible?

The answer is simple. You should find out the email and password used for the given iDevice. It is of crucial importance for the user you are tracking to utilize iCloud backup services (available free of charge).

Obviously, this service can help you obtain certain information, but if you need detailed data and advanced features, you will have to perform jailbreaking. This particular process breaks down all the restrictions imposed by Apple. So, you will be able to back up the needed info and retrieve whenever you wish. If you still believe that jailbreak is not for you and you can do without professional features, then just obtain the necessary credentials and start tracking.

To spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak is possible now. Besides flipping through SMS, call logs and contact lists, you can check the Internet surfing history and calendar/events/meetings via your control panel. You can get this feature for free when buying a specific subscription package. Check the pricing section below.

Essential Info You Need to Remember

  • 10 Day Monetary Reimbursement – If the software does not provide the expected results, you can ask for improvement or just get the money you’ve paid for it back. It is highly recommended to read Terms & Conditions in advance so that you would know your rights.
  • Customer Care – Before placing an order, ask questions you have regarding the app installation/support/etc. You can contact sales reps by phone, live chat or email
  • Check the Specially Designed Demo – Have a look at the demo version to understand how this spy software works and which information you can get out of it. Even though the app (and its interface) is quite intuitive, it is still better to review a demo version before installation.

mSpy Pricing

mSpyoffers two major categories of subscription packages: mSpyBasic and mSpy Premium.

The Basic software version incorporates such features as SMS and call monitoring, tracking GPS location and web surfing logs. All these features come handy when you need to find where your target user is, whom he/she is talking and texting to. All the obtained data is processed into reports that are sent to your spy dashboard.

In addition to the above-listed aspects, the Premium version features professional spy characteristics. For example, you can listen to live conversations, flip through instant messengers, i.e. WhatsApp, FB, Snapchat, BBM, etc.

Wondering about the prices for the available mSpysubscription packages? Check them now!

  • Basic (1 month) – $29.99;
  • Basic (3 months) – $59.99;
  • Basic (1 year) – $99.99’
  • Premium (1 month) –$69.99;
  • Premium (3 months) – $119.99;
  • Premium (1 year) – $199.99.

Monthly packages are specially designed for amateurs, who are just testing the water. 6- month and 1-year subscription plans are developed for those who take monitoring very seriously and believe that continuous supervision is essential either for corporate or personal success.

Reputable Manufacturer?

The software is meticulously designed and developed by the MTechnology Ltd., a reputable company with offices in the US and UK. The main goal of this company is to deliver outstanding, highly effective solutions to its customers. Another important goal is to ensure continuous improvement and implementation of new features and updates. By taking genuine care of its clientele and providing monetary reimbursement, the company stands out from the crowd. Payments can be completed by major credit/debit cards and PayPal. All of them are properly protected. mSpyhas been operating on the spy software market for over five years, which allowed it to build a strong company image.

Does mSpyMeet Your Needs?

This app has already won thousands of fans worldwide. So, if you are about to spy on your beloved ones or employees, you should absolutely try it. The price-quality ratio of this software is one of the most competitive on the market. Furthermore, you can select a specific package that is right for you. If you are on a tight budget, you can enjoy a basic set of spying elements. But if you would like to get the particular results and find out as much as possible, it is better to invest a bit more.

Opt for mSpy!

To sum up, this well-designed user-friendly application meets a wide range of requirements. I hope that the given mSpyreview for iPhone and Android has provided you with some insight regarding the tracking opportunities you get when utilizing this top-notch software.

This spy software is one of the greatest solutions to monitor your employees’ and children’s activities via their cell phone.

So why don’t you try this app today and get much needed peace of mind!