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MobiStealth Reviews: Should You Buy This Software?


MobiStealthAndroid spy software is a popular tracking software chosen by thousands of users who spy on their families and employees. This spy program has won a brilliant reputation among so many people due to its highly competitive price and user-friendly interface.

The mobile app supports all the prominent smartphone brands, including Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Nexus, Sony, Motorola, etc. The app is also compatible with exclusive phone brands, i.e. Blackberry or Apple.

This article was created to review all the unique characteristics of the outstanding mobile software designed to keep track of a target person without being noticed and caught.

MobiStealth: Enhanced Compatibility

The spy software works well across such platforms as Android, Blackberry, and iOS. But it is not surprising since many apps are compatible with the aforementioned operating systems. However, MobiStealth has a unique feature – it also supports Symbian operating system developed for Nokia mobile phones. In addition, there are desktop versions designed for Windows and Mac.

To get the most out of this monitoring application, it is essential for you to examine the software version and the current operating system on the target device. It will aid you to find the most suitable spy software type. If you do not know how to identify compatibility of this or that device, check the list provided below or visit the website to see which phone OS are supported.

  • Apple devices – iOS 8;
  • Android gadgets – OS up to 5.0.x;

MobiStealth: Monitoring Characteristics

MobiStealth provides a set of fundamental tracking features in three different subscription plans: MobiStealth Lite, MobiStealth Basic and MobiStealth Pro. If you compare this app to other spy programs, it offers advantageous basic components, i.e. keeping track of text messages, phone calls, geographical locations, emails, and some others. Let’s learn more about the fundamental features.

MobiStealth Basic

This version is considered to be a budget-friendly solution that offers a great price-quality ratio for its users. It incorporates the following aspects:

  • Examining the exact time and date of all the phone calls;
  • Looking through all the received, sent and even deleted short text messages;
  • Accessing multimedia files, for instance, videos and images;
  • Identifying geographical locations by utilizing an accurate GPS tracker.

This package offers the basic components needed for effective monitoring. It is popular with people trying to obtain general information and ensure proper supervision for their subordinates and kids.

MobiStealth Lite

Just like MobiStealth Basic, this subscription plan provides all the basic features. But it also offers additional characteristics that enable you to scan the browsing history of your target user. In addition to detailed internet activity reports, you can see contact lists featuring emails, home address, phones, dates, etc.

The Lite package is more versatile than the basic one. It is designed for users looking for a little bit of extra rather than just standard elements. In case you would like to learn more about this version and compare it to the basic one, reach out for the customer support available via live chat.

MobiStealth Pro

In contrast to previous versions, MobiStealth Pro provides advanced features in addition to the ones listed above. The professional aspects include instant messenger tracking, SIM change notifications, call and video recording. Furthermore, in addition to simple GPS location, you can get info about the surroundings where the red marked person spends his/her time. This information is meticulously gathered and sent to your online account.

So, we have clarified which package comes with which features. Before making a purchase decision, it is vital to analyze your situation and consider which elements you need. Note that if you are worried about your child, it may be beneficial to obtain the pro version as you’ll be able to know about all the activities he or she is involved. When monitoring your employees’ performance, you may opt for the basic or lite version to know where they are when you are out of office.

Discover All the Features of MobiStealth Right Now

MobiStealth Pricing

After getting yourself acquainted with all the characteristics and subscription plans, it is time to check the costs. The price range for every package, be it Lite, Basic or Pro, depends on the operating system you choose to track and the duration of your spying endeavor.

  • MobiStealth Software for Android
    The price tags range from $19.99 to $139.99.
  • MobiStealth Software for iPhone
    The prices start from $19.99 and go up to $119.99.

The subscriptions with a short time span (two weeks and up) are suitable for beginners and people who are willing to start monitoring but are not sure about their software competences.

Packages with a long validity period (between 6 and 12 months) are great solutions for discreet spying on your dear ones to protect them from dangerous situations.

How to Get MobiStealth Up and Running?

The software delivers outstanding results only in case you follow all the instruction to a t. That is why, it is important for you to look through the guidelines and installation requirements before getting started.

The first step is obtaining access to the target cell phone at least for a short period of time, around 10-15 minutes. It is crucial to download and install the software in accordance with the guidelines. After that, you should create your spy account where all the information from the red marked user’s mobile phone will be sent.

It takes a couple of minutes to activate all the characteristics and start getting results via your web control panel. You will be able to reach the reports any time and use them for any further reference.

High-speed internet connection is vital for the both phones (yours and the one you target). No matter whether it is a mobile data plan or WiFi, the main criterion is speed. Proper internet connection ensures that you’ll get all the data promptly and without delays.

Miscellaneous Details to Remember

Monetary Refund Policy – You can take advantage of two different types of reimbursement plans.

  • 15 Day Refund Policy– Also known as a post-installation money-back guarantee, it is valid for cases when you encounter any technical/functional problems right after the software has been installed. You have to contact customer support reps, and if they are unable to solve the problem, you will get a refund. Do not forget to carefully read terms & conditions for this refund policy.
  • 30 Day Refund Policy– This type of reimbursement works only in pre-installation cases. However, if you fail to obtain the needed results when using the software, you can always refer to the company and ask for a compensation.

Please note that reading terms of the refund policies is an essential step you have to take before applying for a monetary reimbursement.

Benefit from Customer Care – Whenever you have doubts or inquiries regarding an app, you should contact the professional customer support team. It is really simple to contact experts online.

Look Through the Demo Version – The virtual tour is designed for newcomers willing to learn more about the spyware. It provides detailed descriptions of everything you need to know when utilizing this program. You see an online panel, tabs describing the categories of reports, i.e. Browsing, Contacts, Calls, Pictures, SMS, etc.

It is worth noticing that the demo tour is not a free trial. It is tool that offers you an overview of the spy records and explains certain aspects.

If the phone you are going to monitor is based on Android, it is mandatory to root it before you get down to installation of the spy software. In case you are going to track an iPhone, you have jailbreak it.

Rooting and jailbreaking are essential to get rid of the restrictions enforced by the manufacturer. After removing all the limitations, you will be able to download any type of spy software and other third party programs.


As you see, this spy application is a budget-friendly yet highly-effective tool. I hope that after reading this review, you got answers to the questions regarding the app, its aspects and your tracking prospects.

Having said all that, I conclude that this software is a feasible solution for personal monitoring purposes. Due to the variety of packages provided, the app is quite versatile and suitable for different situations. If you would like to ensure that your white-collar employees do not trade corporate information and perform to the top of their abilities, the app is the right tool. It is also applicable for tracking the activities in which your loved ones are involved.

It is high time to stop wondering about things that are going on behind your back and take the situation under your control. Install this outstanding spy software program today and get instant results!