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MobileSpyAgent Review: Mobile Stealth Spy Software


MobileSpyAgent is a budget-friendly cell phone monitoring software for amateurs.

It provides very basic features for spying on your children or subordinates.

Even though the company gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there are several major issues to consider.


Compatibility and Key Features

MobileSpyAgent is compatible only with jailbroken iPhones/iPads and rooted Android smartphones and tablets. It does not support Blackberry nor Symbian platforms. In terms of features, MobileSpyAgent offers quite a limited variety:

  • Incoming and outgoing call logs (phone numbers, time, duration);
  • Access to sent and received SMS and multimedia files;
  • Full device information (memory usage, IMEI, etc.);
  • Browser history;
  • App installation history;
  • Calendar, memos and contact list;

Note that the app does not give you access to social network activities of your child or employee. Therefore, you miss out on a huge chunk of information.

GPS Location Tracking Feature

MobileSpyAgent incorporates a location-monitoring feature, which works only when a phone is connected to the Internet. Furthermore, you cannot see where a monitored person is right now as the app gives you location history. It sends out reports every 15 minutes, consuming a lot of battery.

Blocking Capability

Mobile Spy Agent does not have any blocking features, necessary for effective children/employee monitoring.

Customer Support

If you encounter any technical issues or have other questions regarding the software, the only way to reach customer support reps is to send them a request. There is an online form available at their website. The company doesn’t reply instantly, so if you are in emergency, Mobile Spy Agent reps won’t help you out.

Price/Quality Correlation

A good thing about the application is its price. The Basic plan costs just $14.95/month, and the Pro package is available at $19.95 monthly. The price is affordable for a set of features you get. Still, MobileSpyAgent does not provide the best price/quality ratio, as its capabilities are limited, while the technical support is poor.

Positive Features

  • A range of packages (A special Business package is available on request);
  • Affordable price;
  • Easy to use.

Negative Features

  • No proper customer support;
  • Lack of important features, i.e. social media monitoring, parental control, key logging;
  • Works only on jailbroken/rooted devices.


MobileSpyAgent is a budget-friendly monitoring app, suitable for undemanding customers. The range of features as well as customer support leave much to be desired. If you want to protect your child or make sure that your employees don’t trade sensitive company information, think twice before buying MobileSpyAgent,