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Highster Mobile Review – Things You Need To Know Before Buying


Highster Mobile is not a conventional mobile spy app, it is a sophisticated program designed to eliminate your worries and doubts. Regardless of your purpose, which is to spy on your loved ones or monitor employees, Highster Mobile will reveal all the secrets you need to know. Highly compatible across modern mobile OS, it may become a real lifesaver.

The spyware is equipped with basic and professional features that can grant you the peace of mind. Let’s gain better understanding of this wondrous program by reading the review dedicated to the versatile aspects of this spy software.

Compatibility Side

Highster Mobile spy app is designed to support all the leading mobile platforms, i.e. iOS, Android, BlackBerry, to name only a few. However, it is your obligation to find out which operating system is installed on the smart phone or tablet you are willing to track. The OS version should support the spy software version you are about to download.

  • Android-based gadgets (phones and tablets) – up to OS 5.x;
  • iPhones and iPads – up to iOS 8.4.

Recent Updates from November 2015!

In case you’re willing to look though another review or get more details about Highster Mobile, please visit the official website.

An impressive range of smart phones and other mobile devices is available there. First, find the model of your interest and then get down to the tracking procedures. If a phone model is not listed on the website, do not hesitate to drop a line or chat with customer care representatives and get the necessary advice.

Another important thing to remember refers to the OS updates. Make sure that the operating system of the cell phone/tablet is upgraded to the latest version. Otherwise, if the phone owner upgrades it after your spy app installation, the program will be deleted. Indeed, when uploading a new version of OS, spy software becomes automatically uninstalled, so bear that in mind.

Important Note

Before downloading the spy app, you have to make sure that there are no limitations on third-party programs enforced by the manufacturer. All iDevices and Android gadgets have such restrictions at place, so it is obligatory to jailbreak or root them in advance.

However, if you want to use only basic spying elements, they will work fine on Android –based devices, even without rooting. However, Highster provides only one subscripton package that incorporates basic and expert features, so rooting is essential if you want to install this particular app.

Highster Mobile: Installation Guide

The installation process is definitely not rocket science. To get the software up and running on the device of the target user, carefully read all the points listed below.

  1. OTA (Over-The-Air)

Choose a web browser that is convenient for you to operate and type the name of the website in the search box. Visit the website, look through the online gallery and click on the “Buy Now” button to purchase the app and start monitoring.

  1. Scan the given QR code with the special app on your smartphone. It will allow you to access the spy app and move to the next step.
  2. Connect a USB cable to download the files to the mobile phone/desktop
  3. Switch the Bluetooth connection on to transfer files.

How Does Highster Mobile Spy Operate?

As soon as you’ve purchased the intricate software, an email with all the necessary links, login details and license keys is sent to you. After you’ve installed the program on the red marked cell phone, login to your virtual account to access spy information generated from the target device.

To login, enter the credentials you got from the email. It doesn’t matter whether you are accessing the server from your tablet, phone or PC as long as you use the right username and password. All the saved logs and reports can be viewed from your dashboard. Note that all the data generated from the concerned cell phone (including deleted messages, calls, etc.) is uploaded to the server. So, you can spy on the person any time when you have a solid internet connection.

Reasons to Buy Highster Mobile Cell Phone Software

As a prominent spy application, Highster Mobile App is at your service when you need to: keep track of short text messages, call logs, emails, chats held via instant messengers, multimedia files, current location, etc. Discover important details regarding this phone app below:

  • You can take advantage of all the above mentioned aspects by purchasing a subscription package.
  • The program is very hard to detect since it remains hidden after installation on a cell phone. The app does not send any pop-up messages nor reveals any suspicious activity on the target mobile phone.
  • Whenever you are ready to install the program, you just have to open your email, find the needed instructions and follow them religiously. Usually installation does not take more than ten minutes.
  • If you are not a very tech-savvy person and you encounter some problems during installation, you can always send an email to the customer care experts.

In spite of the fact that all the reasons for purchasing this particular spy app are clear and concise, it is a good idea to keep reading and get more insights about this program. Note that all the features incorporated may come handy when monitoring the communication between your employee and a potential competitor or when tracking the activities of your child, who may get into trouble without your protection.

Highster Mobile Spy: The List of Sophisticated Features

Highster Mobile was designed with an idea of protection and safety in mind. That is why it incorporates elements suitable for parental monitoring and employee tracking.

Why not examine the specific spy software features to understand which results you may get by implementing it.

  1. Snapping Text Messages – Text messaging is one of the most popular ways of communication. Therefore, you should pay much attention to the conversations your child or employee is having when you are not around. Highster Mobile enables you to examine all the received, sent and deleted items with the exact time and date they were sent/delivered.
  2. Keep an Eye on Chats in Instant Messengers– Along with SMS tracking, you are granted the opportunity of spying on chat threads in popular instant messengers, for instance, Skype, Twitter, FB, WhatsApp, Viber, BBM and some others. Use your spy account to review all the conversations and see the shared files, i.e. pictures or photos.
  3. Stay Updated about Recent Phone Calls– incoming and outgoing call logs are one click away. Monitor whom the red marked person is talking to on a regular basis and how long such conversations last. It is beneficial to analyze this info if you spy on your employees and find out why they spend too much time on the phone. In this case, you may take due measures to improve their performance.
  4. Simple Yet Functional Control Panel– in contrast to many other spy programs, Highster Mobile provides its customers with a very sharp and powerful design. The interface of its control panel is clean and simple, so you can easily operate it without any extra guidelines. Furthermore, the interface is customizable, which means that it’s possible to modify time triggers, make adjustments to the display view, look through the reports generated, etc.
  5. Stay Informed About Location Changes– GPS Location tracker incorporated into the app allows discovering the exact geographical location of the target user at any time. Additionally, you can see location history to know more about whereabouts and control the actions of the people you care about.
  6. Observe the Web-surfing History– The internet is a powerful communication and information tool. However, it may become a dangerous place in some cases. Therefore, it is beneficial to see which web sites your target person visits and which bookmarks he/she creates. This feature is essential to protect your children from inappropriate content and make sure that they are not involved into any questionable behavior.
  7. Examine Their Media Files– Both shared and saved files can be accessed via your spy control panel. Images/pictures and other multimedia files are continuously uploaded to the servers to make it easier for you to access those at any time of the day or night.
  8. Read their Emails– Emails often contain important information, especially when it comes to the corporate world. Therefore, you may be willing to track the letters your employees receive, send and even delete. All the incoming emails are immediately uploaded to your account.
  9. Check Their Phone Contacts – The phone numbers, names, addresses and other details regarding the contacts is at your service. This feature allows tracking all the info in the address/phone logs.
  10. Remote Removal of the App– Even though it is impossible to remotely install this app, there is an option of remote removal. If you feel that there is no need to track a certain person, just remove this spy software from the cell phone and have your peace of mind.
  11. Phone Locking and Unlocking – Some of the apps installed on the target phone can be locked and unlocked at any time. This feature may be very handy when your children do not behave properly, so you can block their favorite apps until they realize their mistakes.

Highster Mobile Spy Rates

Unlike its competitors, Highster Mobile offers a single spy software package. The manufacturer has stuck to this concept as it makes the life of customers easier. There is no need to waste time analyzing your needs and evaluating incurred costs. Indeed, numerous spyware companies provide a variety of spy software options, ranging from basic to professional subscription plans. They usually offer different validity durations, from one to twelve months.

Highster offers just one price kit that is designed for numerous goals and budgets. Monitoring features are very effective and handy, so you can protect your personal or corporate life whenever and wherever you are. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees involved in the purchase of this software. The best thing about the spy app is a license valid for a lifetime.

The price for Highster Mobile Pro Version available with a lifetime warranty is just $69.99

Does It Meet Your Expectations?

I have tested every single feature of this software, so I can state that the overall performance is amazing. User Interface is simple yet sharp, the software effectiveness is high since all the reports and notifications come right on time. If you follow all the necessary steps when downloading and installing it, you will surely enjoy outstanding results when keeping track of the target user. The app is updated regularly, and new features are introduced to keep the standards high.


The software is definitely a good purchase for doubting employers and worried parents. By implementing this app, you can take any situation under your control and monitor all the mobile phone activities. As a parent, you will appreciate this program as it may reveal certain disturbing patterns in your children’s behavior. For instance, some girls are using popular apps that undermine their self-esteem and lead to depression. You can easily ban such applications and protect your offspring. As a successful business executive, you can see whether your subordinates perform well or just pour money down the drain.

The application does not burn a hole in your pocket, as its price is very competitive and affordable by the majority of people. If you like this Highster Mobile review or have some suggestions/comments/questions, please share them in the section below.