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Flexispy Review


In case you need to monitor someone’s mobile phone activity, you will definitely not find an app better than flexispy with its wide spectrum of diverse features. Flexspy is a well-known multipurpose activity log tracking app and in case you want to record someone’s call do not even waste your time looking for another app! Flexispy review will help you to comprehend in proper way what kind of app it is and with what options exactly it will provide you with and what ones it will not, you will be able to see all the advantages and disadvantages of the app. Nowadays there is a great variety of monitoring software on the market and as usually we spend so much time hesitating before we make a choice. How to find exactly what you need? In order to find a monitoring software that will meet all your requirements and make you fully satisfied, you should compare all available ones on the market.

What Is Flexispy?

Take into consideration the fact that flexispy is one of the most multipurpose and fast activity tracking app, but still it is not simple. There are certain conditions under which this spy app functions, one of the required conditions is jailbreak of your mobile device. In case you have never used spy apps before, then you should better start with non-jailbreak solution, that is available both for Androids and iPhones. But in case you have a certain experience in this field and you are ready to come down with your money, then there is simply no better alternative than flexyspy.

Since the first released version the app has been developed and improved considerably, moreover the price has become more affordable. The app is becoming more and more popular and works up the market, moreover features this app has are considered to be inimitable and all the developers of sry apps are simply eager to perform them in their own apps.

If you have any fears, that you are not competent enough in technology field or you are not smart enough to use this spy app, it is simply in vain! Flexispy app is user-friendly and was created with the regard for future customers. It will not take you a lot of time to download flexispy and to install the app. You will hardly run into some difficulties when using the app. You will not have to waste your time trying to figure out how every option functions. The usage of the app will be nothing but useful, effortless and pleasant!

There is a great amount of evident advantages of flexispy app, among them is control panel that is well designed in accordance with each and every feature the app has. The consonance of package and form of performance has helped this app to gain impeccable reputation on the market. Say what you want but you cannot beat the fact that easy navigation and appealing design is of a great importace!

Versions of Flexispy In Accordance With Package

According to the package there are two different types of flexispy app, namely Premium Version and Extreme Version. Premium Version includes a wide spectrum of spy app common features. Extreme Version differs mainly because of such features as record and intercept of incoming and outcoming calls. There is a detailed comparative description of both versions available on You are always welcome to use the website, in case you need to find or specify some information.

Premium Version of Flexispy

Premium Version of Flexispy includes a great variety of basic spy app features, with the help of this version you will be able to observe text messages and phone calls, location, browser history and  apps activity. Besides, you will be able to get access to the old and deleted massages. You will be able to see all the changes made in the calendar. Every activity that is reflected on the monitor of the device will be available for you, including photos and videos. You can turn on notifications and indicate a certain case or a number of cases when you would like to be notificated. For instance, you can receive notification, when a certain word, so-called keyword, was typed. Note, that there are diverse types of notifications, you ran receive a phone call, text message or e-mail. You are free to chose the type of notification you consider to be the most convenient for you. Premium Version of Flexispy will allow you to impose restrictions for downloading and installing of inappropriate apps and to block access to certain websites. In order to use and to enjoy all the features you do not need to hold device in your hands, all the features are available remotely.

Extreme Version of Flexispy

Extreme Version of Flexispy version will help you to track message exchange in different social networks, for instance, on Facebook or Tweeter, and also you will be able to track message exchange in other apps, for instance, in Facebook Messenger or Viber. We would like to put emphasis on the fact, that in case when any app or software itself updates, Extreme Version of Flexispy still functions in a proper way, what is considered to be an obvious advantage of this version. There is a feature that makes Extreme Version of Flexispy the best on the market! It is intercept of live communication. Another astonishing feature is to find out a password. In case you chose Extreme Version of Flexispy, it will be easy for you as ABC. The point is, that all the activity that is reflected on the screen of the device is available for you, that means, that you may see all the users names and passwords. Extreme Version of Flexispy offers the features any another app is not able to provide its users with. In case you are interested in this version, there is additional information on the website

How Does Flexispy Work?

Flexispy reviews results show that the app is one of its kind and the best thing in its field, because it is powerful, fast, accurate and reliable. You do not have to be a genius to use this app fully!

Does flexispy work under any conditions?

We would like to pay your attention to the fact that in case a signal on one of the devices is not good enough it can influence badly the results of work of the app. The conversation will be recorded under any circumstances, but it may be of a low quality.

Custom Support Team

You are welcome to visit our website, where you can download flexispy, where proper description of the app itself and of each and every option it provides with is performed. Moreover, on the website you will find a lot of interesting and useful articles concerning the usage of the app. We recommend to read these articles, because they will definitely help you to elicit the app’s potential. On the website you will find videos with lessons, that will make the usage of the app absolutely easy for everyone.

Flexispy reviews results show that the custom support team, both for flexispy android and for

flexispy iPhone users, is very competent and friendly. In case there are any questions that occur to you during your acquaintance with the Flexispy For Mobile Tracking, or if there are any difficulties you run into when installing the app on one of the devices, you are always free to contact the custom support team, they will definitely help you to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems! You are welcome to contact custom support team around the clock 6 days a week. Besides, you are free to chose the way you would like to contact them, for instance, you can write e-mail or contact in chat.

Money Refund is possible within 10 days, in case you are not satisfied with the app for some reason or in case you have not received the thing you need. It is very convenient, because you can feel sure, that you will not waste your money, even if you do not like the app.

Flexispy offers a list of languages besides English that you are free to chose.

The number of softwares and devices that support Flexispy is being increased every day, nowadays the app is available for all the most wide spread softwares devises, for instance, for IOS, Android or Windows.

We would like to pay your attention to the fact that usage of tracking app illegally is forbidden. In case you use this app, in order to keep an eye on your child’s life, that will not make any problems, but in all other cases you are to be responsible for all the possible consequences.


Flexispy is a very powerful, versatile and multipurpose activity log tracking app with easy navigation and appealing design, that has affordable price! This spy app will provide you with all the information you are interested in, it will not take you a lot of time or efforts to download and to install it. You will not waste your time trying ti figure out, how exactly this app works, you will use all the features straight away, for other cases there is a website, where you can find any information you need concerning the downloading,  installation and usage of the app, that you can both read and watch. Custom support team is always ready to help! In case you made up your mind to purchase Flexispy, you will not regret it! We promise!