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Easy Spy Pro Review


Easy Spy Pro is an affiliate program of Highster Mobile.

It has the same features, installation requirements, benefits and drawbacks. The app is compatible with iOS and Android phones. However, you need to perform jailbreak/rooting procedures to get the app up and running.

Still, it is not the only drawback of Easy Spy Pro.

Feature Overview

The phone offers a very basic set of monitoring features. It enables access to:

  • Text messages (received, sent and deleted ones);
  • Incoming and outgoing calls (time, duration, phone number);
  • GPS location (notifications about real-time location of a user);
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp);
  • Email and multimedia files (sent and taken pictures and videos)
  • Internet browsing history

The app allows taking secret pictures with a phone camera. However, they are not quite secret, since pictures are saved in the phone memory, so a target user can see them. Also, when taking a picture, a phone camera makes a standard noise and uses flash, so it is very likely to be noticed.

Blocking Capability

Easy Spy Pro does not incorporate any blocking features. Therefore, if you would like to protect your children from accessing improper content or restrict employees from browsing certain websites, opt for another app.


Customers support is not available round-the-clock. There is a contact number, which does not seem to work. So, the only way to reach the company is to drop them a line via an online contact form. However, it may take up to 72 hours to get a reply.

Value for Money

In terms of price, Easy Spy Pro is a very affordable solution. You pay $69.99 and get a lifetime license. There are no additional fees involved. However, if you are not able to jailbreak a phone or have any technical difficulties, you can kiss your money goodbye. There is a very tricky refund policy that makes it hard to get a reimbursement.


The main benefit of Easy Spy Pro is its price. Also, there is no hassle with monthly subscriptions as you pay once and get a license for a life time. The app offers all basic monitoring features available among competitors.


There are certain negative features to consider:

  • One license allows monitoring only one device. So if you need to monitor employees, you should purchase several licenses.
  • The set of tracking features is deficient.
  • There is no blocking capability crucial for parental control.
  • Technical support is very limited.
  • Jailbreak/rooting is necessary


Overall, Easy Spy Pro is an affordable monitoring application, offering basic tracking capabilities. However, it does not incorporate some of the advanced features, like parental control or call recording. So, if you’ve decided to spy on someone and want to do it right, you need more professional software.