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Auto forward


Auto forward is available both for Android and iPhone users. Before you make up your mind to purchase a spy phone app, you should become familiar with auto forward Review on in order to understand in proper way what kind of app it is and with what options exactly it will provide you and with what ones it will not.

ADVANTAGES: Functions fast and accurately both on Android and iPhone divices, is user friendly, easy to install, easy to use.

DISADVANTAGES: May not support some other apps, for instance, Viber.

CONCLUTION: Will help you to keep an eye on another person’s life without hitting you in the wallet.

Here you are welcome to become familiar with auto forward Review. Auto forward is a remote multipurpose phone activity spy app, that functions thoroughly on each and every Android and iPhone model. This app is also available for iPads. Lately, the app has been developed and improved considerably, at the moment the app can be installed on any Android mobile device that does not belong to you or on any iPhone without jailbreaking.

Phone number forward provides its users with a wide spectrum of really astonishing options. For instance, you can actually retrieve old and deleted massages from social networks with entire content. The app will help you to retrieve old and deleted massages from your mobile device as well, no matter whether you use Android or iPhone.

Jailbreak of iPhone and Possession of Android Devices Are Not Necessary Anymore

The prevailing number of similar sky apps on the market cannot be installed easily, there are certain conditions under which most spy apps function, one of the required conditions is jailbreak of your mobile device. If you make up your mind to be the owner of forward phone, it will help you to avoid problems like this one. It will take you several minutes to download and to install app, but the most pleasant part of it, your legal parental software will not be damaged. You do not have to possess the mobile device in order to install the app and to use and enjoy all the remote options it can provide you with. In case you need some additional information, concerning this question, you are welcome to visit the following website, where detailed description of the app is presented.

User-friendly App: Easy to Install, Easy to Use

The developers of the app claim, that to install and to use spy auto is as easy as ABC, we must say, it definitely is. There are only several steps, that should be taken. You will have to download the app and to share some information concerning the device you would like to spy, including telephone number. In order to observe activity of a certain device, the app should be installed on this device as well. That is actually all that is required from you. Auto forward Reviews results show that the app functions really fast, so it will take you just several seconds to download the information about activity of a certain mobile device. You will be able to get the data you are interested in already in 5 minutes! You will be definitely fully delighted with forward cell phone , that will provide you with information you are interested in without any financial damage!

The control panel is designed concerning each and every function the app can provide its users with, that is why to receive certain information is not only fast, but also easy.

How Does Auto Spy Actually Funktion?

As soon as you install the app on the both devices, on one you use to monitor and on another you would like to monitor, you should establish a remote connection between these devices and you can use all the options the app offers straight away. You will be able to observe text messages and phone calls, location and browser history, including all the social networks and apps.  As it was already mentioned above, with the help of the app, you will be able to get access to the old and deleted massages. You will be able to see all the changes made in the calendar. Every activity that is reflected on the monitor of the device will be available for you, including photos and videos.

Customer Support Team

You are welcome to visit our website, where proper description of the app itself and of each and every option it provides with is performed. Moreover, on the website you can find a detailed guidance on how you install the app and how you establish connection between devices. In case there are any questions that occur to you during your acquaintance with the forward cell phone app, or if there are any difficulties you run into when installing the app on one of the devices, you are always free to contact the custom support team, they will definitely help you!


Auto forward Reviews results show, that a great amount of users from all over the world consider the forward phone number to be an outstanding and the best thing in its field. The app will lend you a helping hand in keeping an eye on a certain device’s activity. There are evident advantages of this app, among them are affordable price, absence of necessity to jailbreak your mobile device or of necessity to possess the device, remote functions, reliability and accuracy. Moreover, auto forward Reviews results show, that the app is user-oriented, the usage is always effortless and pleasant. In case you need to monitor someone, that is the best possible way to do it. Do not waste your time hesitating, purchase the app, you will not regret it!