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Appmia Reviews: Online Mobile Spy Service


This state-of-the-art software is simply EPIC!

  • E – EXTREME Package by Appmia (Features professional spying aspects).
  • P –PREMIUM Subscription by Appmia (A budget-friendly alternative including all major features).
  • I –iPad Spy Application by Appmia (The best app ever created for iGadgets).
  • C –Cracking Passwords with the help of Appmia (The app snaps all the passwords and login info).

Even though the spy software has been out there for many years, it incorporates all the up-to-date exclusive features that ensure great tracking results. Much attention is always paid to user opinions, so the manufacturer has created a well-laid software website and customer-friendly control panels for the ultimate experience.

For everyone who has not had a chance to test online spy panels, I’m willing to explain what the Control Center/Dashboard is. In simple words, it is a personal virtual place where you log in by providing your username and your password in order to view spy reports. Such files incorporate all the information obtained by the spy app. Let’s learn more about the top quality software by reading this review.


Utmost Compatibility for Cell Phones and Other Gadgets

After you’ve decided to track a cell phone, you have to find the most compatible app for it. That’s when Appmia comes into play. This mobile tracking program works flawlessly with major brands and operating systems, for instance, Symbian and iOS, Android and Blackberry, Windows and others.

So, the first step to a successful tracking adventure is checking the version of the software operating system installed on the target phone or tablet. This version should be compatible with the spyware version you are going to use. The second key factor that should be taken into consideration is the Internet access. You need a fast and reliable connection to download and install the app as well as to monitor the progress.

Before installation, you must jailbreak an iGadget you are going to spy on. Otherwise, you simply won’t be able to install this program and get any results. Apple puts limitations on downloading third party apps, so jailbreaking is mandatory! The same refers to Android devices that require rooting to get access to professional spying elements. However, if you are ok with the basic components like call/message tracking, location identification, you don’t have to perform rooting for Android products.

August 2016 Updates!

The revolutionary spy software supports all the platforms and brands listed below:

  • Cell phones and tablets based on Android OS (up to version 6);
  • iPhones and iPads based on iOS (up to 9.3.3);
  • HTC smart phones.

Before installing the latest version of the spy software, please make sure that the operating system on the target phone is updated. Otherwise, if the smartphone owner updates the OS after you’ve installed a program, the application will be automatically removed.

See If Appmia Is Compatible With Your Gadget

Particular Aspects

Appmia strives to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and provides two packages for different tastes and budgets:

The Premium subscription provides all the basic aspects that are crucial for remote monitoring. Looking through short text messages, Snapchat, iMessage, FB, BBM and WhatsApp chats. Call logs (time, duration, etc.), contacts and other valuable features are at your service when you opt for the Premium package.

The Extreme package offers professional elements in addition to the basic ones. This package is very popular with people trying to control employees and stay updated about routines of their loved ones. The list of unique aspects includes cracking login details and all the passwords entered via the red marked cell phone. It is also possible to listen to phone conversations, record calls and save them for possible reference on the server accessible through your spy account. Another important feature of the extreme package is listening to the surrounding noises by activating the microphone. Keep reading further to find out about the rates and exclusive opportunities you get with Appmia.

Tracking Social Platforms and Instant Messengers

In contrast to many spy software manufacturers promising to monitor instant chat messengers, Appmia is actually proving that by doing! Furthermore, the list of the platforms that can be monitored with this app is simply amazing. It includes 13 popular programs: Snapchat, iMessage, FB (and Facebook messenger), Line, WhatsApp, LINE, We Chat, Google hangouts, Twitter, Viber, BlackBerry and Yahoo Messengers

You can spy with the FaceTime Cam. This revolutionary feature can keep track of the conversations the red marked user participates in. To activate this element, you should make a call from a secret FaceTime account. In such a way, you will secretly switch on the camera and microphone, which in its turn will enable to see and hear everything that is going on with the mobile device. Good news is that you will not be detected as there are no signs of connection to a FaceTime session.

Checking incoming, sent and even deleted text messages and chat conversations is a piece of cake now. You can access info from any platform and get results within minutes. If you cannot find items that were deleted by the target person, check the Trash folder on your spy dashboard.

Enhanced Tracking

Overhearing phone calls and recording them is a feature developed by Appmia . It means that this program enables you to:

  • Listen to incoming and outgoing calls in real time;
  • Check and listen to the surroundings, in which the phone is located;
  • Record all the phone calls (and use them as a proof later on);
  • Keep track of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) call history.

Use Appmia to Record and Listen to Phone Calls

The aforementioned features can be implemented in various situations. For example, if you find out that your employees are making secret deals with competitors behind your back, you can use their phone calls as a base for firing them. Or if you discover that your partner is having an affair and you need a significant proof to divorce or break up. So, if you are looking for reliable evidence, Appmia is the right solution.

Tracking VoIP logs is a handy feature that some people underestimate. Even though you won’t be able to listen to calls, but you will get details of the calls made via any instant messenger.

Please note that Appmia holds unique rights for this feature. So, beware of other providers claiming that they provide it as part of their subscription. It may work poorly or not work whatsoever, since the competitors have not replicated the proper mechanism of this particular element.

Do You Get Any Real Results?

I’ve completed this review after having tested all the available tracking features on my own cell phone. The program works flawlessly if you manage to properly install it and perform rooting or jailbreaking for devices you’ve decide to spy on. It is essential to follow all the installation guidelines to get the app up and running. Bear in mind that you will be able to track the info only when your target person uses the Internet connection (WiFi or a certain mobile data plan). It allows the program to upload the reports for you.

In my view, VLC Media player produces better sound than Windows Media player. That is why I prefer to use it for playing saved recordings. Another important trick is making sure that three-way calling is turned on the target mobile phone. To enable it, you should check the network operator for further details.

Conventional Features

There are not only exclusive spying features that make the tracking process easy and discreet. Appmia offers many conventional components proved to be of utmost importance. The app incorporates the following elements that can aid you to monitor the behavior of employees and activities of your children.

  • Customizable Alerts and Keywords– If you would like to know when the red marked user talks to a particular person or when he/she enters certain key words while browsing the web or composing an email, you will receive notifications. Furthermore, it will allow you to scan the phone of your child to identify dangerous behavioral patterns.
  • Restricting Apps– The number of dangerous mobile apps is alarming. So, look through the list of installed applications and delete/uninstall inappropriate ones.
  • Keylogger – If you need to snoop some passwords or login credentials, you can do it in one click. It is recommended to utilize this element only with a notice to the person in question.
  • Tracking whereabouts – This GPS tracking feature gives you detailed information about the location of the target person at any time. Furthermore, you get reports about their whereabouts that often come handy.

Dashboard for Effective GPS Tracking

Take advantage of geo fencing – You can set certain location boundaries that you believe are dangerous or inappropriate for the red marked individual. Every time this person approaches the aforementioned area, a special notification will be sent to you. You can activate this feature in the control center.

Therefore, Premium and Extreme subscriptions offer fundamental and professional aspects. You can look into the detailed software descriptions to see which version is more advantageous.

What Is The Price of Appmia?

If you prefer to plan your budget in advance, it will be beneficial to analyze the key features of the software and the amount of money you have to invest.

Appmia Premium is a more affordable solution, suitable for newbies and those who need just general information about target users. By choosing it, you get an opportunity to run through text messages, see their contact list and call log, stay posted about their location, and monitor Internet browsing patterns.

Along with all the features listed above, the Extreme version provides exclusive elements. By installing it, you get a chance to listen to calls, obtain password information and snoop on the surroundings.

One-month options are quite popular with novices who are just trying to get an idea about the software and the opportunities it offers. Three-month and one year packages are feasible options for those trying to protect their children from the negative influence of their peers or spy on their employees.

Why Go For This App?

Despite all the reasons listed above, I would like to describe some more points that reflect the quality and reliability of the application.

  • This app is impossible to notice after it’s been installed. There are no pop-up notifications or suspicious activities that can be detected by the phone owner.
  • In contrast to StealthGenie that was deleted due to the serious legal consequences, Appmia hasn’t been developed in the States.Therefore, it is truly original and extremely safe in usage when you do not break any laws or regulations of the country you are living/visiting.
  • Even the most intricate antivirus software does not detect the spy app.
  • There is a feature enabling you to hide Cydia and SU apps after jailbreaking or rooting.
  • The interface is super user-friendly. A special installation wizard is of great help as it easily guides you through installation and launching.
  • There are no suspicious files that can be spotted by running a check on the task manager.
  • The spy license is transferrable across various platforms. It means that if your target user changes the phone, i.e. switches from iPhone to Samsung (and hence, from iOS to Android) you can still track this person without buying a separate subscription.

As you see, there are many solid reasons proving that this app is a wise investment. Check the information about customer support discussed in a great detailed below.

Customer Support

Appmia never lets its clientele down. On the contrary, if something happens to the software, it guarantees excellent customer service, available round-the-clock. There are two possibilities of reaching the company: via a Live Chat or email. Furthermore, there are numerous tutorials and articles created for newcomers. Do not hesitate to check them out before making a purchase.

Their website is available in many corners of the world. It features multilingual manuals and tutorials designed for clients from different countries. An important thing to bring up is a refund policy. The company guarantees a monetary reimbursement within ten days. However, it is crucial to review the Terms before applying for a refund.

Appmia Overview:

There is absolutely no doubt that Appmia is one of the best apps that can be used for spying purposes. Taking into consideration its outstanding features applicable for phone and tablet usage, it is a smart move to install this software. From the fundamental aspects to advanced characteristics, it can help you resolve even the most complex issues in your work or family life. Indeed, tracking children, employees and partners is as easy as a pie.

Appmia is often compared to mSpy in terms of their price and features provided. It is hard to identify the leader between those two as everything depends on your personal needs and preferences.

I hope that this Appmia review has been useful for you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me.

There is no need to wait any longer. Install the app and enjoy new spying opportunities!